August 02016 on Audioxide


August has been and gone (far too quickly, as always), and with it came the usual drought of new music. Most people are too busy enjoying the sun ‘n that to care, but for the rest of you, Audioxide had you covered. We finished our Summer selection with Daft Punk and Eels, before going back to the debut Smashing Pumpkins record: a rather grubby affair that also provided some context to THAT Simpsons episode. After then exploring the depths of Fat Freddy’s Drop, new releases began to surface, and we delved right into Frank Ocean’s latest intimate account. With a string of newly announced records, September already looks promising.



August 3rd

Daft punk // Discovery

“Discovery is still one of my favourite dance albums despite its age and the progression we’ve seen in dance music in the last decade. Listening to it more intently has been a pleasure, flaws and all.

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August 10th

Eels // Daisies of the Galaxy

“Daisies of the Galaxy is a beautiful place to be for a time, but it isn’t a masterpiece. It’s the black dog curling up in your lap and wagging its tail. We savour that frame of mind more than we care to admit, I think.

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August 17th

The Smashing Pumpkins // Gish

The record is a rich and gloriously grubby collage of sounds. It stands strong in a place somewhere in-between Pixies and Nirvana, with an added injection of psychedelic rock to ensure The Pumpkins nail down a sound of their own.

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August 24th

Fat Freddy’s Drop // Based on a True Story

True to its reggae roots, the album’s mood is consistently mellow, providing an ideal vibe for those warm summer evenings. It flows at a steady tempo and seldom threatens to move away from it—even during the long digressions often responsible for lengthy song durations.

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blondeAUGUST 31st

Frank Ocean // blonde

The bottom line is that Blonde simply isn’t as accomplished as Channel Orange, nor is it as infinitely listenable. It flirts on indulgence but just about manages to stay grounded. It’s an account of slight thoughts, vague ideas and delicate musings.

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August 5th



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