Funnyfarm III: 4, 1, 2, 3, 4…

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In which the value of a rhythm section quickly becomes clear     The first time Alan Hazard, Ray Sunshine, and Bas practiced together the result was a temporal marvel. Although each played their part in perfect time, they were seemingly incapable of playing in the same time. Whenever Hazard was belting out the second… Read more »

Funnyfarm II: Bas

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In which a second guitarist is sourced at a local car park     They found him behind a Ford Focus with his head in a cloud. He was slumped at the base of a wall smoking a stupendously large spliff, watching as a ribbon of smoke rippled from its tip and faded into the… Read more »

Funnyfarm I: Genesis

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In which two hapless dreamers form a band   In the beginning there was Alan Hazard and Raymond Oliver Sunshine. These were their real names. Hazard was a poet of sorts, which is to say he plagiarized the work of other poets. In his seemingly endless spare time he backcombed his hair and smoked cigarettes… Read more »