Album artwork of 'Hushed and Grim' by Mastodon

Hushed and Grim Mastodon

As much fun as its riffs and crunching tone can be, the album feels like a product of veterans going through the motions. For a really long time.

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Album artwork of 'Skin' by Joy Crookes

Skin Joy Crookes

Weaving larger-than-life arrangements with razor-sharp yet feather-light lyricism, Crookes sits as the centerpiece of a kind of big band pop.

Album artwork of 'Friends That Break Your Heart' by James Blake

Friends That Break Your Heart James Blake

Blake’s vocals are, predictably, beautiful; Blake’s production is, predictably, meticulous; and it’s all, predictably, quite predictable.

Album artwork of 'Pinkerton' by Weezer

Pinkerton Weezer

Come for the singalong hooks of “El Scorcho”, “Pink Triangle”, and “Falling for You”, stay for Rivers Cuomo’s tales of loves lost and loves unrequited.

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A monochrome shot of Max Richter standing looking to the left.

Max Richter’s evocative activism soothes the soul

Deep, lush composition meets powerful spoken word delivery in Max Richter’s latest project, producing a potent, uplifting concoction.

By Andrew Bridge

Illustration of a wooden signpost with boards pointing to different music streaming services

Artist-friendly music streaming alternatives to Spotify et al.

The big dogs of music streaming aren’t great for musicians, but there are other options. Here are services putting artists first (or at least, not dead last).

By Frederick O'Brien

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Thomas Ashby performing onstage with a guitar

Thomas Ashby: ‘When you’re in a studio that’s your space to be the biggest you you can be.’

Thomas Ashby is a singer/songwriter from Herne Bay. We discuss living together during the time he recorded and released his third EP - 'Backlash'.

Blurred photograph of Rob Wilson, aka Colourful Sevens

Colourful Sevens: ‘I love making music by myself – I can treat my songs as diary entries.’

The Manchester musician talks about his most recent project (Moon), the merits of working alone, and the wisdom of Roger Ebert.

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Album artwork of 'Drunk Tank Pink' by Shame

‘Quite comfortably the best thing I've listened to this year’ - André and Andrew listen to Shame

Crunchy guitars and relentless percussion abound in Shame's new record 'Drunk Tank Pink'. Yes we're two weeks into the year, but a highlight all the same.

Queens of the Stone age logo

André and Fred listen to r/qotsa’s Best Of album

r/qotsa put together the ultimate Queens of the Stone Age playlist: ...Vulgar Songs for Villains (Rated R). We put it to the test.

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Ink drawing of a guitar with absurdly long strings

IX: Believe the Hype

In which postmodern literature finally finds meaning.

Ink drawing of Alan Hazard having one of his episodes

VIII: Hazardous

In which we hear the innermost thoughts of the world's most important person.