Audioxide is three friends — André Dack, Frederick O’Brien, and Andrew Bridge — reviewing an album a week. That’s how it started and that’s more or less what it remains, though if we’re in a self-important mood we may try to convince you it’s a music webzine.

Since starting in 2015 we’ve branched out into articles, interviews, listening parties, and other oddities. All this we do as a hobby because we enjoy listening to and discussing music. We do not use affiliate links, show ads, track visitors, or charge musicians for coverage. We encourage readers to do what they can to support the artists we write about. No, we do not get a cut. We may be a small website, but we try to be a small website that behaves properly.

Others have joined us to contribute from time to time: Marcus Lawrence, Michael Clark, Gabriel Sutton, Rüya Yönak, Charlie Clissitt, Thomas Ashby, Nick Marsh, Rob Wilson, Kieran James, and Rachael Davis. Early branding work by Samuel Simpson lives on as Audioxide evolves. The current site was mostly designed by Fred and mostly built by Andrew. Its ongoing development can be followed on GitHub, and we have a Storybook of our components library.

To those unsure where to start we humbly direct you to our top rated albums in the 27+ Club. For more leisurely browsing there’s the archive. Or if all else fails you could always try a random post…

Happy listening.