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Album artwork of 'Painting the Roses' by Midnight Sister

Painting the Roses Midnight Sister

Part dramatic dream, part sun-soaked soliloquy, part love letter to mid-century pop rock, Midnight Sister have sewn together a wistful, woozy record.

Album artwork of 'MM..FOOD' by MF DOOM


Never does the record come off as grandiose or self-important; it’s just that good, and it’s just that much fun. Not a masterpiece, but a master at work.

Album artwork of 'The Great Dismal' by Nothing

The Great Dismal Nothing

Unabashedly grim, but reassuringly gentle. The album's striking cover art of a menacing but fragile old man is a good indicator of what to expect.

Album artwork of 'Visions of Bodies Being Burned' by clipping.

Visions of Bodies Being Burned clipping.

Relentless and unpredictable, the album's like the spawn of a Satanic ritual in a theme park. It’s oppressive and challenging, but also warm and charming.

Album artwork of 'Pet Sounds' by The Beach Boys

Pet Sounds The Beach Boys

The harmonies are wonderful, the instrumentation is charming, and, well, everything sounds rather bloody marvellous. Lots to love and little to dislike.

Album artwork of 'Ultra Mono' by Idles

Ultra Mono Idles

There is a huge amount of musical and lyrical ingenuity to enjoy here, with strong messages, jovial piss takes, and Joe Talbot as the megaphoned town crier.

Album artwork of 'The Universal Want' by Doves

The Universal Want Doves

It seems that a template was drawn up and filled in ten times over, such that every track sounds like the last, only wearing a different hat.

Album artwork of 'Nothing as the Ideal' by All Them Witches

Nothing as the Ideal All Them Witches

A sumptuously produced blend of folk, post-rock, and psychedelia, all with a smokey stoner sheen. When it gets rolling the grooves are irresistible.

Album artwork of 'Inner Song' by Kelly Lee Owens

Inner Song Kelly Lee Owens

The album is so delicate that it feels too fragile for its own good. It’s like a frozen wildflower - beautiful, but could shatter at any moment.

Album artwork of 'King’s Disease' by Nas

King’s Disease Nas

A pleasant, consistent, and enjoyable listen. Here’s hoping Nas and Hit Boy build on their clear chemistry with a follow-up.