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Album artwork of 'For Your Pleasure' by Roxy Music

For Your Pleasure Roxy Music

The raspy sax, dramatic vocals, and ostentatious instrumentation could just as easily have a place in a gaudy musical as they do on this album.

Album artwork of 'Ants from Up There' by Black Country, New Road

Ants from Up There Black Country, New Road

There is so much going on, and the ambitions shown are so bold and brilliant, that you can’t help but root for the record even when it’s falling a little short.

Album artwork of 'CRAWLER' by IDLES


IDLES’ most considered, sonically thoughtful, and complex release to date, taking the band down a new path while preserving their strengths.

Album artwork of 'Hushed and Grim' by Mastodon

Hushed and Grim Mastodon

As much fun as its riffs and crunching tone can be, the album feels like a product of veterans going through the motions. For a really long time.

Album artwork of 'Skin' by Joy Crookes

Skin Joy Crookes

Weaving larger-than-life arrangements with razor-sharp yet feather-light lyricism, Crookes sits as the centerpiece of a kind of big band pop.

Album artwork of 'Friends That Break Your Heart' by James Blake

Friends That Break Your Heart James Blake

Blake’s vocals are, predictably, beautiful; Blake’s production is, predictably, meticulous; and it’s all, predictably, quite predictable.

Album artwork of 'Pinkerton' by Weezer

Pinkerton Weezer

Come for the singalong hooks of “El Scorcho”, “Pink Triangle”, and “Falling for You”, stay for Rivers Cuomo’s tales of loves lost and loves unrequited.

Album artwork of 'Electric Warrior' by T. Rex

Electric Warrior T. Rex

Romping rock and roll sounded like a breeze for Marc Bolan, and when you add some vintage Visconti wizardry into the mix, you can’t really go wrong.

Album artwork of 'Sinner Get Ready' by Lingua Ignota

Sinner Get Ready Lingua Ignota

Uncompromising, and very brutal indeed. Some listeners will struggle to see it through to the end, whereas others will feel oddly comforted by its harshness.

Album artwork of 'Donda' by Kanye West