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Album artwork of 'Damogen Furies' by Squarepusher

Damogen Furies Squarepusher

Squarepusher produces another solid album without pushing any boundaries. The beats are as intricate as ever, whilst the melodies keep their charm.

Album artwork of 'Skin' by Flume

Flume covers considerable ground with Skin

This new record sees a heavy focus on collaborative production, exploring many sounds while seldom digging deeper into any one of them.

By Andrew Bridge

Album artwork of 'Dissociation' by The Dillinger Escape Plan

Dissociation The Dillinger Escape Plan

Furious metal rackets trade blows with soft, elegant jazz fusion and string arrangements, and the whole exchange is gorgeous and horrible at the same time.

Album artwork of 'Richard D. James Album' by Aphex Twin

Richard D. James Album Aphex Twin

This is a compact, highly rewarding record; 30 minutes of mesmerising electronica that is both pleasingly disorientating and emotionally stirring.

Album artwork of 'Be Up A Hello' by Squarepusher

Be Up A Hello Squarepusher

This isn't a game changer; instead a proud statement, delivered with finesse and flair by one of the true masters of IDM.

Album artwork of 'The Man-Machine' by Kraftwerk

The Man-Machine Kraftwerk

The album makes for hypnotic listening, bobbling along like a well-mannered German robot. All these years later it still sounds like the future.

Album artwork of 'Tago Mago' by Can

Tago Mago Can

The record listens like an all-night jam at an impossibly cool bohemian gettogether. It’s funky, relaxed, audacious, exhausting... but above all, it’s brilliant.