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Zelda-themed artwork of Link listening to sinister music

Hyrules Lament: the music of Twilight Princess

Under Koji Kondo's watchful eye, Toru Minegishi's soundtrack for Twilight Princess had bolder intentions than it is often given credit for.

By André Dack

Vault Boy holding an old fashioned radio

World On Fire: the Music of Fallout 3

From Galaxy News Radio to the old-school homages of Inon Zur's ambient soundtrack, Fallout 3 owes much of its brilliance to its music.

By Frederick O'Brien

Blurred concept art from the video game Mirror's Edge

Keep Faith: the music of Mirrors Edge

The Mirror's Edge OST is tuned perfectly to the game’s tone. Elegant, adaptive, and constantly on the move, it is proper parkour music.

By Frederick O'Brien

BioShock-themed ink and pencil artwork

State of Rapture: the music of BioShock

Splicing classical arrangements with avant-garde experimentation, Garry Schyman’s soundtrack reflected the game’s grand, warped, doomed vision of a new world.

By Frederick O'Brien

Wattson from Apex Legends shushing at the camera

A Grand Soirée: All character themes in ‘Apex Legends’ ranked

Music is one of many reasons the game stands apart from other battle royale titles, each tune bringing our favourite heroes (and villains) to life.

By André Dack