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Album artwork of 'The Downward Spiral' by Nine Inch Nails

The Downward Spiral Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor set a benchmark in the industrial rock genre whilst simultaneously providing a form of therapy for millions of angst-filled listeners.

Album artwork of 'The Powers that B' by Death Grips

The Powers that B Death Grips

A lot of The Power That B seems like it shouldn't work, and yet it does. It's a huge, crazy wall of sound, and that makes for an exhausting listen.

Photograph of Death Grips performing onstage

Bottomless Pit shows Death Grips oddities are still no gimmick

The group have confidently cemented their status. If they stay together they can progress toward any direction they so desire.

By André Dack

Album artwork of 'Skin' by Flume

Flume covers considerable ground with Skin

This new record sees a heavy focus on collaborative production, exploring many sounds while seldom digging deeper into any one of them.

By Andrew Bridge

Stained red photograph of Thom Yorke performing onstage

13 songs for a horrible Halloween

Let's face it, Halloween playlists can be awful. Here lies an alternative lineup of frightening songs. More treats than tricks, we promise.

By André Dack

Vault Boy holding an old fashioned radio

World On Fire: the Music of Fallout 3

From Galaxy News Radio to the old-school homages of Inon Zur's ambient soundtrack, Fallout 3 owes much of its brilliance to its music.

By Frederick O'Brien

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

All the Pigs, All Lined Up: Nine Inch Nails studio albums ranked

For years now the music of Trent Reznor has proved to be, yes, The Perfect Drug. Here lies my worst-to-best list of Nine Inch Nails studio albums.

By André Dack

Album artwork of 'Heaven Upside Down' by Marilyn Manson

Heaven Upside Down Marilyn Manson

You should come out of a Marilyn Manson record wanting your stomach pumped. The softcore offerings of Heaven Upside Down prompt hand washing at best.

Album artwork of 'Bad Witch' by Nine Inch nails

Bad Witch Nine Inch nails

This is most downright exciting NIN album in quite some time. This is a grubby, disheveled, and damaged album composed, produced, and arranged as such.

Album artwork of 'Vol. 4 :: Slaves of Fear' by HEALTH

Vol. 4 :: Slaves of Fear HEALTH

HEALTH have continued their trend of making exhilarating music, but something feels off this time round. A record this polished shouldn't feel so flat.