Posts tagged "experimental"

Album artwork of 'Damogen Furies' by Squarepusher

Damogen Furies Squarepusher

Squarepusher produces another solid album without pushing any boundaries. The beats are as intricate as ever, whilst the melodies keep their charm.

Album artwork of 'Starfire' by Jaga Jazzist

Starfire Jaga Jazzist

A model of casual listening. It bustles along quite happily, from section to section, from track to track, and then it's over and you don't regret having listened to it.

Album artwork of 'Low' by David Bowie

Low David Bowie

Bite-sized servings of vintage Bowie glam-rock combine with brooding instrumental soundscapes to make Low a truly special album.

Album artwork of 'Garden of Delete' by Oneohtrix Point Never

Garden of Delete Oneohtrix Point Never

Twisting and turning and purposely blindsiding its listeners, Garden of Delete doesn’t stop evolving, often feeling like a stream of consciousness in musical form.

Album artwork of 'Blackstar' by David Bowie

Blackstar David Bowie

A portal into the world of remembrances that grief gives birth to... and the last word. Trust Bowie to turn dying into performance art.

Album artwork of 'The Glowing Man' by Swans

The Glowing Man Swans

The Glowing Man is a rewarding experience, if not always a pleasant one. It’s healthy for ears to be bombarded with music like this every now and then.

Album artwork of 'Blond' by Frank Ocean

Blond Frank Ocean

Blond flirts with indulgence but just about manages to stay grounded. It’s an account of slight thoughts, vague ideas, and delicate musings.

Album artwork of '22, A Million' by Bon Iver

22, A Million Bon Iver

22, A Million feels like a nondescript blur. It doesn’t deal in structure, but in loose clusters of peculiar sounds and imperceptible words. It’s a pretentious mess.

Album artwork of 'Ambient 1: Music for Airports' by Brian Eno

Ambient 1: Music for Airports Brian Eno

Music for Airports comprises of calming tones that induce sedation and tranquillity. Listeners are invited to float among soft, fluffy ambient clouds.

Album artwork of 'F♯ A♯ ∞' by Godspeed You! Black Emperor

F♯ A♯ ∞ Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Almost fully instrumental, the post-rock arrangements twang and moan through a sumptuous range of soundscapes, sounding as fresh as they do apocalyptic.