Our album reviews have four scores, occasionally more. We don’t do this to be difficult. Each reviewer (there are usally three) assigns a personal score out of 10. These are combined to make the overall Audioxide score, which is out of 30.

This system translates into the following brackets:

  • 27-30: The 27+ Club

  • 25-26: Gold

  • 23-24: Silver

  • 21-22: Bronze

Although the scores may seem low, bear in mind how much harder it is with multiple people involved. You can only please all of the reviewers some of the time.

Each author also chooses up to three favourite tracks. Through a complex system of mathematics and human sacrifice these translate to overall favourite tracks. An ‘Essential’ track is one all three reviewers chose. A ‘Favourite’ track is one that was well liked but not selected by everyone.