Without the raw energy of Surfer Rosa and cohesiveness of Doolittle, Bossanova is simply a solid album from a remarkable band. By no means their best work, but an enjoyable listen nonetheless (even if a few tracks do drift by).

7 10

Favourite tracks // All Over the World
­                                          Cecilia Ann
­                                            The Happening


I found a lot of Bossanova to be quite forgettable. There is a handful of good tracks, but the album as a whole fails to build up a head of steam. It isn’t bad by any means, though, and certainly merits a listen.

6 10

Favourite tracks // Havalina
­                                          Is She Weird
­                                            Cecilia Ann


Really my first proper introduction to Pixies and I really enjoyed it. If nothing else there are some amazingly catchy guitar riffs.

6 10

Favourite tracks // Cecilia Ann
­                                          Is She Weird
­                                            Havalina