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Album artwork of 'Dummy' by Portishead

Dummy Portishead

Melding orchestral and jazz samples with beats that surge tracks forward, Dummy remains intriguing for the listener throughout. An iconic album.

Album artwork of 'Psyence Fiction' by UNKLE

Psyence Fiction UNKLE

Psyence Fiction attempts to be the sonic equivalent of the visual cinema experience — a lofty ambition, but UNKLE give it a bloody good go.

Album artwork of '>>>' by BEAK>

>>> BEAK>

Instrumentals strike upon funky-yet-claustrophobic grooves, awaiting Barrow’s vocals to emerge from the mire. It’s a weird but often wonderful formula.

Album artwork of 'Broken Politics' by Neneh Cherry

Broken Politics Neneh Cherry

For every moment of serenity there's a feeling of incompleteness, and the result is an album that's sadly unmemorable.

Album artwork of 'Never the Right Time' by Andy Stott

Never the Right Time Andy Stott

Where others might layer up to obscene degrees, Stott has a knack for finding beauty in minuscule details. It’s practically ambient music for club-goers.

Album artwork of 'White Blood Cells' by The White Stripes

White Blood Cells The White Stripes

The record listens like rock music’s answer to an ice-cold six-pack of decentish lager. It’s unrefined, but a cheap and cheerful good time.

Album artwork of 'Skin' by Joy Crookes

Skin Joy Crookes

Weaving larger-than-life arrangements with razor-sharp yet feather-light lyricism, Crookes sits as the centerpiece of a kind of big band pop.