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Album artwork of 'Jackrabbit' by San Fermin

Jackrabbit San Fermin

Flowing beautifully from beginning to end, the album in its entirety can feel slightly taxing due to the bloated, overstuffed nature of the songwriting.

Black and white photograph of Kendrick Lamar performing onstage

Our 10 favourite albums of 2015

What a year it's been. Hip hop kings, hip hop princes, UK rock upstarts, and lots more. Here are our fav albums of 2015.

By André Dack, Frederick O'Brien & Andrew Bridge

Album artwork of 'Belong' by San Fermin

Belong San Fermin

Music written by a composer of Ellis Ludwig-Leone's class should never feel formulaic, but it does. It makes for a mildly enjoyable, yet rather hollow experience.

Album artwork of 'The Universal Want' by Doves

The Universal Want Doves

It seems that a template was drawn up and filled in ten times over, such that every track sounds like the last, only wearing a different hat.

Album artwork of 'For the first time' by Black Country, New Road

For the first time Black Country, New Road

A blend of teenage angst and a primordial, animalistic sense of something lurking beneath a thin surface, a beastly shape clawing at the other side.