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Album artwork of 'Daydream Nation' by Sonic Youth

Daydream Nation Sonic Youth

Noisy and arty, the album remains a kind of anti-epic; 70 minutes of exploratory rock with a flagrant disregard for pacing or commercial viability.

Album artwork of 'Vol. 4 :: Slaves of Fear' by HEALTH

Vol. 4 :: Slaves of Fear HEALTH

HEALTH have continued their trend of making exhilarating music, but something feels off this time round. A record this polished shouldn't feel so flat.

Album artwork of 'Sonic Citadel' by Lightning Bolt

Sonic Citadel Lightning Bolt

Sonic Citadel leans into the grubby, raw, jam-like nature of the duo’s live performances, records it, and calls it a day. It’s like a whirring motorcycle.