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Stained red photograph of Thom Yorke performing onstage

13 songs for a horrible Halloween

Let's face it, Halloween playlists can be awful. Here lies an alternative lineup of frightening songs. More treats than tricks, we promise.

By André Dack

Album artwork of 'Heaven Upside Down' by Marilyn Manson

Heaven Upside Down Marilyn Manson

You should come out of a Marilyn Manson record wanting your stomach pumped. The softcore offerings of Heaven Upside Down prompt hand washing at best.

Album artwork of 'The Marshall Mathers LP' by Eminem

The Marshall Mathers LP Eminem

The Marshall Mathers LP is Eminem’s finest accomplishment, but it’s too maniacal to be a masterpiece. It succeeds mostly as a surreal expansion of his debut.

Album artwork of 'Animated Violence Mild' by Blanck Mass

Animated Violence Mild Blanck Mass

It’s like Blanck Mass put Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Mario, and the blood of a sacrificial lamb into a kind of sonic blender.

Album artwork of 'To Bring You My Love' by PJ Harvey

To Bring You My Love PJ Harvey

With Harvey it feels like you’ve stumbled across the ad hoc performance of a travelling mystic. It’s black magic with a smile.

Wattson from Apex Legends shushing at the camera

A Grand Soirée: All character themes in ‘Apex Legends’ ranked

Music is one of many reasons the game stands apart from other battle royale titles, each tune bringing our favourite heroes (and villains) to life.

By André Dack