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Album artwork of 'Low' by David Bowie

Low David Bowie

Bite-sized servings of vintage Bowie glam-rock combine with brooding instrumental soundscapes to make Low a truly special album.

Album artwork of 'From Deewee' by Soulwax

From Deewee Soulwax

Songs regularly start with promising grooves then go nowhere. Rhythmic repetition attempts to disguise a very obvious lack of development in ideas.

Album artwork of 'The Man-Machine' by Kraftwerk

The Man-Machine Kraftwerk

The album makes for hypnotic listening, bobbling along like a well-mannered German robot. All these years later it still sounds like the future.

Album artwork of 'Isles' by Bicep

Isles Bicep

Tracks swirl about at a slower pace than in Bicep’s debut. It often feels as though in creating a ‘home version’ they have instead cut out the excitement.

Album artwork of '1' by Drongo

1 Drongo

The record takes listeners on a spectacular musical safari, zipping between genres without ever feeling the slightest bit disjointed.