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Album artwork of 'Something to Tell You' by Haim

Something to Tell You Haim

An album of inoffensive and enjoyable pop music. With strong instrumentals that step above the norm, the shiny production is actually surplus to requirements.

Album artwork of 'Debut' by Björk

Debut Björk

Björk creates her own identity by combining contrasting into something entirely unique. This broke the mould of what it means to be a new, exciting artist.

Album artwork of 'Hounds of Love' by Kate Bush

Hounds of Love Kate Bush

That Bush could create something so deliriously weird and wild yet also break through to the mainstream world is great proof of her powers.

Album artwork of 'Two Suns' by Bat for Lashes

Two Suns Bat for Lashes

While much of the Two Sun's tracklist doesn't feel as though it explores its ideas far enough, its highlights go a long way to make up for it.

Album artwork of 'Lover' by Taylor Swift

Lover Taylor Swift

Lover isn’t as expansive as Kate Bush or as daring as St. Vincent, but it is accessible and intelligent, which are the hallmarks of Swift at her best.

Album artwork of 'MAGDALENE' by FKA twigs


For all its instances of greatness and undeniable beauty, MAGDALENE gets tangled in its own pop epic aspirations.

Collage of the first 250 albums reviewed by Audioxide

Statsioxide: our first 250 reviews in numbers

After six long, resolutely joyless years we passed another album review milestone. To celebrate here’s a look at some sweet, sweet data.

By Frederick O'Brien

Album artwork of 'Blue Weekend' by Wolf Alice

Blue Weekend Wolf Alice

Ellie Rowsell’s drift between spoken-word musings and operatic soarings is alive and well, and the band as a whole is as simpatico as ever - if not moreso.