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Album artwork of 'Power, Corruption & Lies' by New Order

Power, Corruption & Lies New Order

The catchy riffs and toe-tapping beats are there, but that's precisely the problem - stubborn in nature, with very little desire to change, they are just there.

Album artwork of 'Preoccupations' by Preoccupations

Preoccupations Preoccupations

It’s an intensely focused musical space, guided by a vocal delivery that seems simultaneously lethargic and passionate. Post-punk is rarely more unsettling.

Album artwork of 'This Nation’s Saving Grace' by The Fall

This Nation’s Saving Grace The Fall

There’s a lot to be said for the album’s quirks, but when all is said and done, This Nation’s Saving Grace is in fact a great album in its own right.

Album artwork of 'Unknown Pleasures' by Joy Division

Unknown Pleasures Joy Division

Pretty much everything about Unknown Pleasures was, and continues to be, a total triumph in cathartic misery. It’s a true classic.

Album artwork of 'To Bring You My Love' by PJ Harvey

To Bring You My Love PJ Harvey

With Harvey it feels like you’ve stumbled across the ad hoc performance of a travelling mystic. It’s black magic with a smile.

Album artwork of 'Uneasy Laughter' by Moaning

Uneasy Laughter Moaning

The album's all a bit clean cut, a perfectly pleasant smorgasbord of gothy synth pop which goes in one ear and out the other.

Album artwork of 'Ultra Mono' by IDLES

Ultra Mono IDLES

There is a huge amount of musical and lyrical ingenuity to enjoy here, with strong messages, jovial piss takes, and Joe Talbot as the megaphoned town crier.

Photograph from the album cover of 'The Joshua Tree' by U2

How to Dismantle a Frontloaded Discography: U2’s studio albums ranked

Our journey had its ups and downs but we feel confident of where we ended up. Which is just as well, because we’re never putting ourselves through this again.

By André Dack, Frederick O'Brien & Rob Wilson

Album artwork of 'For the first time' by Black Country, New Road

For the first time Black Country, New Road

A blend of teenage angst and a primordial, animalistic sense of something lurking beneath a thin surface, a beastly shape clawing at the other side.

Album artwork of 'CRAWLER' by IDLES


IDLES’ most considered, sonically thoughtful, and complex release to date, taking the band down a new path while preserving their strengths.