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Album artwork of 'Adore Life' by Savages

Adore Life Savages

The vitality that makes Savages so appealing is too often replaced by a softer blend of turmoil that isn’t as rewarding, nor a progression in sound.

Album artwork of 'Joy as an Act of Resistance' by Idles

Joy as an Act of Resistance Idles

Joy as an Act of Resistance is refreshingly sincere and positive in a time where artists are finding it easy to sensationalise and despair.

Album artwork of 'To Love Is to Live' by Jehnny Beth

To Love Is to Live Jehnny Beth

The album is purposefully provocative, and whilst this brings exhilarating and hard-hitting moments, it can also result in disorientating frenzies.

Album artwork of 'Ultra Mono' by Idles

Ultra Mono Idles

There is a huge amount of musical and lyrical ingenuity to enjoy here, with strong messages, jovial piss takes, and Joe Talbot as the megaphoned town crier.