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Album artwork of 'How to Be a Human Being' by Glass Animals

A late love-in for How To Be A Human Being

How To Be A Human Being is a great indie pop album in a year that hasn’t had many. So far, the band hasn’t made a misstep

By Andrew Bridge

Beyonce Knowles in a bright yellow dress for the music video of her song "Hold Up"

Our 10 favourite tracks of 2016

Real friends, true love, and mushroom clouds.

By André Dack, Andrew Bridge & Frederick O'Brien

David Bowie holding a bible

Our 10 favourite albums of 2016

Albums what we liked in 2016.

By Andrew Bridge, Frederick O'Brien & André Dack

Album artwork of 'Dreamland' by Glass Animals

Dreamland Glass Animals

The album is a nostalgia trip and, unintentionally(?), the longest ‘only Millenials will remember’ meme in some time.

Promotional image for the album 'Call Your Mum' by Goan Dogs

Goan Dogs deliver guitar pop romp in ‘Call Your Mum’ (and excellent advice to boot)

Bristol band Goan Dogs have been going strong for ten years, and the work they've put in during that time has come to captivating fruition in their debut.

By Andrew Bridge

Album artwork of 'Chemtrails Over the Country Club' by Lana Del Rey

Chemtrails Over the Country Club Lana Del Rey

Vintage Del Rey (in both senses of the word), though the curious thing about the record is that it flies highest when she sounds least like herself.