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Album artwork of 'Compton' by Dr. Dre

Compton Dr. Dre

A polished, lumbering beast of an album. Not so much concerned with peaks and troughs as with a steady, charismatic drone of all things Compton.

Stained red photograph of Thom Yorke performing onstage

13 songs for a horrible Halloween

Let's face it, Halloween playlists can be awful. Here lies an alternative lineup of frightening songs. More treats than tricks, we promise.

By André Dack

Album artwork of 'The Marshall Mathers LP' by Eminem

The Marshall Mathers LP Eminem

The Marshall Mathers LP is Eminem’s finest accomplishment, but it’s too maniacal to be a masterpiece. It succeeds mostly as a surreal expansion of his debut.

Album artwork of 'Straight Outta Compton' by N.W.A

Straight Outta Compton N.W.A

It has its lulls, but when Straight Outta Compton blows hot it feels unstoppable. N.W.A modelled a spirit of expression impossible to ignore.

Album artwork of 'There Existed an Addiction to Blood' by clipping.

There Existed an Addiction to Blood clipping.

The album is enthralling in the same way a vampire's glamouring might be: warm, cold, hypnotic, enticing, and foreboding as all Hell.

Album artwork of 'MM..FOOD' by MF DOOM


Never does the record come off as grandiose or self-important; it’s just that good, and it’s just that much fun. Not a masterpiece, but a master at work.

Collage of the first 250 albums reviewed by Audioxide

Statsioxide: our first 250 reviews in numbers

After six long, resolutely joyless years we passed another album review milestone. To celebrate here’s a look at some sweet, sweet data.

By Frederick O'Brien