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Album artwork of 'Wildflower' by The Avalanches

Wildflower The Avalanches

Wildflower brims with positive energy, and is a worthy, if lopsided follow-up to Since I Left You. The music is carefree, graceful, and extremely accessible.

Album artwork of 'Discovery' by Daft Punk

Discovery Daft Punk

Discovery is a classic dance albums despite its age and the progression we’ve seen in the genre since. Listening remains a pleasure, flaws and all.

Album artwork of 'Woman' by Justice

Woman Justice

It lives and breathes like a reincarnation of disco. The melodies are infectious, the bass lines are vibrant, and the drums are wonderfully expressive.

Album artwork of 'Everything Now' by Arcade Fire

Everything Now Arcade Fire

It’s hard to believe everyone involved in Everything Now was on the same page. The music seldom seems comfortable in its own skin, and for good reason.

Album artwork of 'The Slow Rush' by Tame Impala

The Slow Rush Tame Impala

Kevin Parker’s latest project has all the hallmarks of what came before, and it pushes harder on his more avant garde sensibilities.