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Album artwork of 'The Joshua Tree' by U2

The Joshua Tree U2

With a vast and powerful sound, here we experience U2 without the excruciating self-indulgence that turns listeners away from their more recent works.

Album artwork of 'Low' by David Bowie

Low David Bowie

Bite-sized servings of vintage Bowie glam-rock combine with brooding instrumental soundscapes to make Low a truly special album.

Artwork depicting the contrasting nature of album sides

Album sides and beauty from circumstance

From the vinyl flip to the neverending streaming, unique expressions await those willing to immerse themselves in the media formats of their time

By Frederick O'Brien

Album artwork of 'Remain in Light' by Talking Heads

Remain in Light Talking Heads

Under the Midas wing of Brian Eno, Talking Heads juggle African genres with Western experimentation and innovative digital play.

Album artwork of 'Ambient 1: Music for Airports' by Brian Eno

Ambient 1: Music for Airports Brian Eno

Music for Airports comprises of calming tones that induce sedation and tranquillity. Listeners are invited to float among soft, fluffy ambient clouds.

Album artwork of 'Sound of Silver' by LCD Soundsystem

Sound of Silver LCD Soundsystem

Murphy's not merely indulging his influences or recreating the past here. He delves into the past to forge a new, heady, indelible blend of electronica and rock.

Screenshot of the video game Sonic Mani

My favourite game soundtracks of 2017

The video game industry sucks. Luckily, its music doesn't. 2017 produced some terrific game soundtracks, and here lies my pick of the bunch.

By André Dack

Album artwork of 'Richard D. James Album' by Aphex Twin

Richard D. James Album Aphex Twin

This is a compact, highly rewarding record; 30 minutes of mesmerising electronica that is both pleasingly disorientating and emotionally stirring.

Photograph of American musician Dylan Seeger

Dylan Seeger: ‘Albums take you on journeys that 4-minute singles will never replicate.’

Dylan Seeger is a musician and designer living in New York, as is tradition. We talk Claye, the pressures of recording solo, and (sound) circumcision.

By Frederick O'Brien

Album artwork of 'Music Has the Right to Children' by Boards of Canada

Music Has the Right to Children Boards of Canada

The album is constantly evolving. The rare moments of tranquility take your breath away; they feel important and momentous due to the vast textural contrast.