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Stained red photograph of Thom Yorke performing onstage

13 songs for a horrible Halloween

Let's face it, Halloween playlists can be awful. Here lies an alternative lineup of frightening songs. More treats than tricks, we promise.

By André Dack

Album artwork of 'Music Has the Right to Children' by Boards of Canada

Music Has the Right to Children Boards of Canada

The album is constantly evolving. The rare moments of tranquility take your breath away; they feel important and momentous due to the vast textural contrast.

Album artwork of 'Singularity' by Jon Hopkins

Singularity Jon Hopkins

Singularity is ultimately a record to admire rather than cherish, but there’s enough scope here for it to become a favourite for electronic listeners.

Paul Marchesani working in his music studio

Paul Marchesani: ‘I always knew my music was connected in some way.’

Paul G. Marchesani is a freelance producer and radio host from Philadelphia who's building a shared musical universe one album at a time.

By Frederick O'Brien

Blurred photograph of Rob Wilson, aka Colourful Sevens

Colourful Sevens: ‘I love making music by myself – I can treat my songs as diary entries.’

The Manchester musician talks about his most recent project (Moon), the merits of working alone, and the wisdom of Roger Ebert.

By Frederick O'Brien

Album artwork of 'Be Up A Hello' by Squarepusher

Be Up A Hello Squarepusher

This isn't a game changer; instead a proud statement, delivered with finesse and flair by one of the true masters of IDM.

Album artwork of 'Cosmogramma' by Flying Lotus

Cosmogramma Flying Lotus

Cosmogramma is a stunning showcase of music made, or at the very least assisted by, computers. Time has only proved it to be a genuine modern masterpiece.

Album artwork of 'Isles' by Bicep

Isles Bicep

Tracks swirl about at a slower pace than in Bicep’s debut. It often feels as though in creating a ‘home version’ they have instead cut out the excitement.

Album artwork of 'Never the Right Time' by Andy Stott

Never the Right Time Andy Stott

Where others might layer up to obscene degrees, Stott has a knack for finding beauty in minuscule details. It’s practically ambient music for club-goers.