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Album artwork of 'Sexwitch' by Sexwitch

Sexwitch Sexwitch

Impressive vocal performances and a hugely gratifying tribal rhythm section ensure *Sexwitch* makes for an enjoyable — if limited — experience.

Album artwork of 'The Bride' by Bat for Lashes

The Bride Bat for Lashes

This was 50 minutes of anti-climax. Interesting instrumentals are peppered throughout, but they mostly fail to evolve from the opening moments of each track.

Album artwork of 'Hounds of Love' by Kate Bush

Hounds of Love Kate Bush

That Bush could create something so deliriously weird and wild yet also break through to the mainstream world is great proof of her powers.

Album artwork of 'Two Suns' by Bat for Lashes

Two Suns Bat for Lashes

While much of the Two Sun's tracklist doesn't feel as though it explores its ideas far enough, its highlights go a long way to make up for it.

Album artwork of 'Lost Girls' by Bat for Lashes

Lost Girls Bat for Lashes

A satisfying-yet-unspectacular entry in the Bat for Lashes discography. Heartily recommended to those who share Khan’s affection for the ’80s.