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Album artwork of 'Low' by David Bowie

Low David Bowie

Bite-sized servings of vintage Bowie glam-rock combine with brooding instrumental soundscapes to make Low a truly special album.

Album artwork of 'Funeral' by Arcade Fire

Funeral Arcade Fire

Funeral is the beating heart of adolescence, a journey that voices the struggle of coming to terms with growing up. Beautifully intense and emotionally draining.

Album artwork of 'A Moon Shaped Pool' by Radiohead

A Moon Shaped Pool Radiohead

A daunting experience that revels in its sorrow. Radiohead have produced better records, but never before has their desolation sounded so gorgeous.

Album artwork of 'OK Computer' by Radiohead

OK Computer Radiohead

To brand this a landmark of the '90s is a disservice to its quality. OK Computer is as relevant now as ever, both culturally and sonically.

Album artwork of 'Painted Ruins' by Grizzly Bear

Painted Ruins Grizzly Bear

There are moments of glory all over the release but they don't hang around long. As time wears on it seems there is more to forget than there is to remember.

Album artwork of 'Mountain Moves' by Deerhoof

Mountain Moves Deerhoof

Deerhoof cram dozens of ideas into a 40-minute album, which is not only technically impressive, but thoroughly amusing. This is a defiant and joyous listen.

Album artwork of 'American Utopia' by David Byrne

American Utopia David Byrne

The record isn’t a masterclass, but there are still enough dashes of genius and genuine fun to make it one of the strongest releases of the year.

Album artwork of 'Ágætis byrjun' by Sigur Rós

Ágætis byrjun Sigur Rós

Layers upon layers of sensuous strings, steady soundscapes, and ghostly vocals combine to create an record that is impressive, yet fatiguing.

Album artwork of 'The Moon & Antarctica' by Modest Mouse

The Moon & Antarctica Modest Mouse

Provided you're in the right mood, The Moon & Antarctica is one of the standout indie rock releases of the 2000s.