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Album artwork of 'Funeral' by Arcade Fire

Funeral Arcade Fire

Funeral is the beating heart of adolescence, a journey that voices the struggle of coming to terms with growing up. Beautifully intense and emotionally draining.

Album artwork of 'Because of the Times' by Kings of Leon

Because of the Times Kings of Leon

Because of the Times is laudable record with a plethora of well written tracks, but it sits there with a mediocre comfortability, and does little to push or challenge.

Album artwork of 'Everything Now' by Arcade Fire

Everything Now Arcade Fire

It’s hard to believe everyone involved in Everything Now was on the same page. The music seldom seems comfortable in its own skin, and for good reason.

Promotional image of Arcade Fire during their Everything Now phase

Our biggest disappointments of 2017

It's time to put on our cynical hats. The artists featured here have set such a high standard that it's upsetting when they fall (considerably) short.

By André Dack, Michael Clark & Marcus Lawrence

Album artwork of 'Darkness on the Edge of Town' by Bruce Springsteen

Darkness on the Edge of Town Bruce Springsteen

There’s no pretence. Here stands an honest-to-god ‘Murican wailing about everything from young love to the plight of the working classes; take it or leave it.

Album artwork of 'Debut' by Björk

Debut Björk

Björk creates her own identity by combining contrasting into something entirely unique. This broke the mould of what it means to be a new, exciting artist.

Album artwork of 'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1' by Foals

Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1 Foals

Foals’ experimentation with synths and funky instrumentals is bold, often promising, but the pieces never quite fall together.

Album artwork of 'Painting the Roses' by Midnight Sister

Painting the Roses Midnight Sister

Part dramatic dream, part sun-soaked soliloquy, part love letter to mid-century pop rock, Midnight Sister have sewn together a wistful, woozy record.

Collage of the first 250 albums reviewed by Audioxide

Statsioxide: our first 250 reviews in numbers

After six long, resolutely joyless years we passed another album review milestone. To celebrate here’s a look at some sweet, sweet data.

By Frederick O'Brien

Album artwork of 'Ants from Up There' by Black Country, New Road

Ants from Up There Black Country, New Road

There is so much going on, and the ambitions shown are so bold and brilliant, that you can’t help but root for the record even when it’s falling a little short.