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Album artwork of '18' by Moby

18 Moby

Strung together with downtempo drum beats, silky basslines, warming pads, and soulful vocals, it’s a very consumable album with little to jolt listeners' senses.

Album artwork of 'Ambient 1: Music for Airports' by Brian Eno

Ambient 1: Music for Airports Brian Eno

Music for Airports comprises of calming tones that induce sedation and tranquillity. Listeners are invited to float among soft, fluffy ambient clouds.

Album artwork of 'Music Has the Right to Children' by Boards of Canada

Music Has the Right to Children Boards of Canada

The album is constantly evolving. The rare moments of tranquility take your breath away; they feel important and momentous due to the vast textural contrast.

Album artwork of 'Singularity' by Jon Hopkins

Singularity Jon Hopkins

Singularity is ultimately a record to admire rather than cherish, but there’s enough scope here for it to become a favourite for electronic listeners.

Album artwork of 'Double Negative' by Low

Double Negative Low

A constant stream of static with blunt edges, and the glitches are rarely more than a few moments apart, but it doesn’t come off as overbearing.

Album artwork of 'Anoyo' by Tim Hecker

Anoyo Tim Hecker

To get the most out of the record, listeners must embrace the obscurity and relish the moments of discomfort; probing shadows in order to find answers.

Album artwork of 'Ágætis byrjun' by Sigur Rós

Ágætis byrjun Sigur Rós

Layers upon layers of sensuous strings, steady soundscapes, and ghostly vocals combine to create an record that is impressive, yet fatiguing.

Album artwork of 'Weather' by Tycho

Weather Tycho

This is ambient Muzak. For all its smoothness and gentleness it barely leaves any impression at all.

Album artwork of 'Ghosteen' by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Ghosteen Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

The aura of each composition is beautiful, yet there’s also the aching feeling of something missing. Stunning, and yet also oddly forgettable.

Album artwork of 'Be Up A Hello' by Squarepusher

Be Up A Hello Squarepusher

This isn't a game changer; instead a proud statement, delivered with finesse and flair by one of the true masters of IDM.