Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)

The Kinks


An enjoyable album, one that is incredibly easy to consume. The vocal harmonies are a joy to listen to. Whilst nothing particularly stands out, I’ll definitely revisit Arthur for the pure pleasure.

7 10

Favourite tracks // Victoria
­                                          Yes Sir No Sir
­                                            Shangri-La


It’s a funny old album, Arthur. A good deal of the songs are beautiful in ways only Ray Davies can achieve, but it has a surprisingly scattered feel which keeps it from being more than the sum of its parts. That’s a minor qualm, though. The lyrics and melodies are graceful and lovely, and the instrumentation supports them with aplomb. It’s all very Kinks-y, in that the main takeaway is ultimately, ‘Well, that sure was a pleasant listen!’ Sometimes that’s all you need.

8 10

Favourite tracks // Some Mother’s Son
­                                          Australia
­                                            Yes Sir No Sir


Some interesting melodies and instruments choices, I especially appreciate the horns all over it, and the harmonies are really nice in some tracks.

8 10

Favourite tracks // Australia
­                                          Shangri-La
­                                            Drivin’