Dig Your Own Hole

The Chemical Brothers


Despite my love and appreciation for electronic music, Dig Your Own Hole is not an album I personally connect with too much. My favourite tracks are those that are less driven by a beat and focus instead on interesting melodies and textural layers.

6 10

Favourite tracks // The Private Psychedelic Reel
­                                          Lost in the K-Hole
­                                            Block Rockin’ Beats


It’s certainly an acquired taste, but once I got over the hump I actually quite enjoyed it. The allure of dance tracks is totally lost on me (which is more my problem than the album’s), but once the more textured songs rear their heads the whole album falls together a little better. The ending portion mellowed out my initial irritation. The last few tracks are top notch.

7 10

Favourite tracks // The Private Psychedelic Reel
­                                          Where Do I Begin
­                                            Lost in the K-Hole


I think it had some interesting influences, some nice basslines and I will be returning to a fair few tracks. It’s not my favourite album, of theirs, from the ’90s, or in general though.

8 10

Favourite tracks // Setting Sun
­                                          Piku
­                                            The Private Psychedelic Reel