The Dark Side of the Moon

Pink Floyd


Undeniably special, The Dark Side of the Moon is an iconic record that will stand the test of time. I do feel, however, that one side is considerably stronger than the other — the first half is a good album, and the second half is a brilliant one. In that sense I’d suggest that it perhaps falls a tad short of the greatness that it so often gets accoladed with.

8 10

Favourite tracks // Money
­                                          Us and Them
­                                            Brain Damage


The Dark Side of the Moon is one of those high-water marks of artistic expression. It’s just sublime. I don’t have a bad thing to say about it. I think the two halves need each other, their relationship not unlike the one shared by the beam of light and the prism that adorn the iconic cover. If I wasn’t such an impassive git this album probably would have changed my life. I’ve chosen favourites, but you really should just listen to it all in one go.

10 10

Favourite tracks // Money
­                                          The Great Gig in the Sky
­                                            Time


I think the fact that I feel almost drained after listening to this album proves that Dark Side of the Moon certainly makes me feel something more than an average album, takes me on a journey. There are some stand out tracks, but together, with the range of instruments and the interesting time signatures and melodies sprinkled through it, it really can put you in a dream like trance, which isn’t an easy thing to achieve!

9 10

Favourite tracks // Money
­                                          Breathe
­                                            Any Colour You Like