Last modified 08.02.02018

PatternPushers Still a Statement of Intent

By André Dack

Single artwork of 'Still' by PatternPusher

“Still” is the latest single by PatternPusher, an art rock band from Exeter who claim to captivate listeners in their mix of post-punk and electronic music. For the opening few minutes, “Still” drives along smoothly in a dreamlike state, harking back to an ambiance prominent on The xx’s debut effort back in 2009. Gently delivered vocals drift over airy synths and velvety guitar licks: ‘Take me to a place where you are not lost’, sings Alex Johnstone, ‘where times haven’t changed and you’re still in my arms’, suggesting a reminiscence of a lost love. As the instrumentation increases in strength and intensity, “Still” gradually progresses into a dynamic and heavily textured number, with an energetic outro that brings one of Radiohead’s guitar-based climaxes to mind, drawing the song to a solid conclusion. “Still” is a real statement of intent from PatternPusher; a satisfying display of talent and craft that doesn’t outstay its welcome despite its length. In fact, the band show more than enough in five minutes to suggest that a full-length LP is not beyond their means.

Listen to “Still” here: https://open.spotify.com/track/5CUuqCXOPprDYxbnD8OmRa