Last modified 08.02.02018

The timeless allure of La Revancha Del Tango

By Andrew Bridge

Album artwork of 'La Revancha Del Tango' by Gotan Project

Gotan Project made their debut with La Revancha Del Tango. Most well known for “Época”, the album brings the passion of Argentinian tango and the beats and sampling of hip-hop and breakbeat to produce an exceptional listen. Vocalist, Cristina Vilallonga, provides passionate, sultry vocal lines throughout the album, and along with tentative, considered passages of accordion and string at the forefront of tracks such as “El Capitalismo Foráneo”, the album takes on a mysterious, alluring character which keeps the listener engrossed.

Highlights of the album can be heard in “Chunga’s Revenge”, a moody track with a beat that trips of itself while the instruments above it echo out seemingly endlessly, and “Una Música Brutal” which sways the user with its sweeping hook and vocals that ebb and flow throughout. La Revancha Del Tango makes for a great listen, especially for anyone with a penchant for hip-hop and breakbeat music looking something slightly different.