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Album artwork of 'First Impressions of Earth' by The Strokes

First Impressions of Earth The Strokes

A model misunderstood album; flawed, overdrawn, deserving of a good deal of its harsh reviews, and yet still host to a unique and worthwhile character.

EP artwork of 'Future Present Past' by The Strokes

The Strokes continue their search for a sound

Though there remains a sizeable fanbase, The Strokes don’t have many chances left to convince the rest of us they actually know what they’re doing.

By André Dack

Album artwork of 'Daisies of the Galaxy' by Eels

Daisies of the Galaxy Eels

Daisies of the Galaxy comes to terms with the torment that constructed the deeply bleak and reflective Electro-Shock Blues, and injects a taste of happiness.

Album artwork of 'How to Be a Human Being' by Glass Animals

A late love-in for ‘How To Be A Human Being’

How To Be A Human Being is a great indie pop album in a year that hasn’t had many. So far, the band hasn’t made a misstep

By Andrew Bridge

Album artwork of 'Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?' by of Montreal

Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? of Montreal

There are a handful of stellar pop tracks, and a mammoth mid-album climax that will go down as one of the group's finest moments. A lovely indie-pop record.

Album artwork of 'Last Place' by Grandaddy

Last Place Grandaddy

Some artists have a hard time returning after a lengthy hiatus, but Grandaddy has done it with aplomb. Last Place is all you could want from a comeback.

Album artwork of 'Belong' by San Fermin

Belong San Fermin

Music written by a composer of Ellis Ludwig-Leone's class should never feel formulaic, but it does. It makes for a mildly enjoyable, yet rather hollow experience.

Memorial wall for the musician Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith: behind the lyrics

Channeling the sounds of Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, and more, Elliott Smith's words still cut deep, as darkly precious now as they've ever been.

By Rüya Yönak

Album artwork of 'Mountain Moves' by Deerhoof

Mountain Moves Deerhoof

Deerhoof cram dozens of ideas into a 40-minute album, which is not only technically impressive, but thoroughly amusing. This is a defiant and joyous listen.

Photograph of American musician Dylan Seeger

Dylan Seeger: ‘Albums take you on journeys that 4-minute singles will never replicate.’

Dylan Seeger is a musician and designer living in New York, as is tradition. We talk Claye, the pressures of recording solo, and (sound) circumcision.

By Frederick O'Brien