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Album artwork of 'On the Beach' by Neil Young

On the Beach Neil Young

On The Beach is perfect for those late nights alone. Both mellow and despondent, the record features the purest of songwriting from a genuine artist.

Album artwork of 'The Hope Six Demolition Project' by PJ Harvey

The Hope Six Demolition Project PJ Harvey

A capacious sequel that seems confused by its own message. It neither sinks nor soars, and fails to make any sort of impact as a result.

Album artwork of 'Semper Femina' by Laura Marling

Semper Femina Laura Marling

In today’s climate of formulaic acts dominating the charts, Laura Marling continues to resist that temptation and further perfect her craft as a songwriter.

Album artwork of 'Relaxer' by alt-J

Relaxer alt-J

Relaxer falls together for spells, sometimes very well, but for the most part the music sounds drunk. The general impression it leaves is inelegant and sloppy.

Memorial wall for the musician Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith: behind the lyrics

Channeling the sounds of Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, and more, Elliott Smith's words still cut deep, as darkly precious now as they've ever been.

By Rüya Yönak

Album artwork of 'Highway 61 Revisited' by Bob Dylan

Highway 61 Revisited Bob Dylan

Dylan sings and we listen, the instrumentation hanging on his every word along with the rest of us. The album is an expressive, beautiful, and timeless classic.

Album artwork of 'Ruins' by First Aid Kit

Ruins First Aid Kit

Artists can and should explore different plains, but Ruins sounds safe rather than bold. It sounds like Americana recorded in an air-conditioned studio.

Album artwork of 'There's a Riot Going On' by Yo La Tengo

There's a Riot Going On Yo La Tengo

Neither immersive nor memorable. Any time the group stumbles onto a passable bass line or melody they run it into the ground in a slow-motion indie panic.

Black and white photograph of Morrissey surrounded by smoke

The ’80s according to Stewart Lee

The most miserable man in comedy has five favourite albums from everyone's least favourite decade. We explore Stewart Lee's highlights of the '80s.

By Frederick O'Brien

Thomas Ashby performing onstage with a guitar

Thomas Ashby: ‘When you’re in a studio that’s your space to be the biggest you you can be.’

Thomas Ashby is a singer/songwriter from Herne Bay. We discuss living together during the time he recorded and released his third EP - 'Backlash'.

By Frederick O'Brien