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Album artwork of 'St. Vincent' by St. Vincent

St. Vincent St. Vincent

Capturing the middle ground between passion and precision, Annie Clark’s sound here can only be described as some sort of melodic computer malfunction.

Artwork depicting the contrasting nature of album sides

Album sides and beauty from circumstance

From the vinyl flip to the neverending streaming, unique expressions await those willing to immerse themselves in the media formats of their time

By Frederick O'Brien

Alice in Wonderland themed illustration of people arguing about music rights on the internet

The DMCA rabbit hole

Debate surrounding DMCA reform requires nuance and flexibility, not trench warfare bullshitting.

By Frederick O'Brien

Album artwork of 'Remain in Light' by Talking Heads

Remain in Light Talking Heads

Under the Midas wing of Brian Eno, Talking Heads juggle African genres with Western experimentation and innovative digital play.

Album artwork of 'American Utopia' by David Byrne

American Utopia David Byrne

The record isn’t a masterclass, but there are still enough dashes of genius and genuine fun to make it one of the strongest releases of the year.

David Bryne performing onstage during his American Utopia tour

Our 10 favourite singles of 2018

What would the end of the year be without some lists? Here lies our favourite singles of 2018.

By Frederick O'Brien, André Dack, Gabriel Sutton, Andrew Bridge & Marcus Lawrence

British punk band Idles performing onstage

Our 10 favourite albums of 2018

It's the end of the year, and that means it's time for fond remembrances. From hip-hop to folk, and R&B to rock, here lies our favourite albums of 2017.

By Gabriel Sutton, Marcus Lawrence, Frederick O'Brien, André Dack & Andrew Bridge

Artwork depicting a man listening to music with medical pills as ear buds

Soma, Spotify, and the brave new world of music consumption

In 2012, David Byrne wrote that music risked becoming a soma-like drug. Today his concerns are closer to reality than we would like to think.

By Frederick O'Brien