Album Sides and Beauty from Circumstance

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FRED 11.03.02016 Context shapes conduct more than we often care to admit, and the same is true of art. In his 2012 book How Music Works, David Byrne writes that artists ‘unconsciously and instinctively make work to fit preexisting formats […] pictures are created that fit and look good on white walls in galleries just as… Read more »

Best of the Rest // February 2016

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ANDRÉ & ANDREW 29.02.02016 Another month and a new list of albums to explore. Kanye West may have flooded the news, but that doesn’t mean the quieter releases don’t deserve a look in. Here’s our best of the rest for February. Santigold // 99¢ Andrew Santigold returns in familiar style, weaving through indie rock, electro pop, and heavier, beats-led… Read more »

Best of the Rest // January 2016

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ANDREW 31.01.02016 With the new year came a new slew of album releases. Seeing as we are only able to review two new releases a month, we miss out on talking about some great records. January was no exception to this, so rather than pass up on the chance to reflect on some fine music, here are… Read more »

Radiohead’s “Spectre” Provides Reassurance

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ANDRÉ 09.01.02016 Given their reputation for producing great records on a consistent basis, Radiohead’s previous album The King of Limbs had the curious quality of merely being ‘quite good.’ Whilst a case can be made for each of their releases since The Bends, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who’d declare that their favourite… Read more »

Our 10 Favourite Albums of 2015

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29.12.02015   10. PEACE IS THE MISSION // MAJOR LAZER ANDREW Diplo’s collaborative project, Major Lazer, has been adding its own reggae infused flavour of EDM since 2008, and it certainly hasn’t slowed down since it started. EDM has been tarnished with a lot of mainstream manufacture of cookie cutter dance tracks that water down the influencing… Read more »

Our 10 Favourite Tracks of 2015

30.12.02015   10. “Mortal Man” // Kendrick Lamar Fred This track makes you sit and listen. Really listen. It’s one of the best endings to an album I’ve ever heard. With all the bells and whistles stripped away, the meeting of two kindred spirits who wish only for bad things to stop and for love… Read more »

A Letter from André

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Welcome to Audioxide. 04.01.02016 This began as something very simple. Andrew, Fred, and I have been friends for close to a decade now, and have always during that time shared a passion for music. Little over a year ago I suggested that it might be fun to choose an album each week, listen to it,… Read more »