October 02016 on Audioxide


All new releases this month. Two were very good, two were not. Bon Iver thoughtlike a lot of artists this yearthat making their music a mess would make it profound and evocative. They were wrong. Conversely, Lady Gaga thought removing all the mess from her music would make it profound and evocative. She was wrong too. Happily, rock solid releases from Solange Knowles and The Dillinger Escape Plan cast some welcome light.

In a staggering twist, we also wrote a couple of articles. Fred reflected on the re-release of Oasis’s 1997 implosion spectacular Be Here Nowwhile André offered up 13 songs for a deeply unpleasant Halloween. Because by god, people deserved one. Fingers crossed for a less topsy-turvy November.





October 5TH

Bon Iver // 22, A Million

While I understand the desire to break out into something new, I still return to my central question—’Why?’. The changes to the norm here don’t seem to have purpose, and without purpose they need to improve the aesthetic or atmosphere of the album which, for me, they certainly don’t.

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October 12th

Solange // A SEat at the Table

It’s an extremely smooth ride with no turbulence or unnecessary distractions, full to the brim with colourful instrumentals and warm, comforting vocals that glide through at a measured pace. The moderate tempos and subdued ornamentation makes for a deeply reflective space.

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October 19th

The Dillinger Escape Plan // Dissociation

“Dissociation is intelligent, deliberate, and utterly punishing. Furious metal rackets trade blows with soft, elegant jazz fusion and string arrangements, and the whole exchange is gorgeous and horrible at the same time.

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October 26th

Lady Gaga // Joanne

Precious little of what makes/made Gaga special is on show in Joanne. Outrageous, acutely self-aware, infuriatingly catchy pop anthems are nowhere to be seen; just pedestrian ones. Gaga’s customary wild flairs are reigned in and replaced by a left-field fondness for country ballads.

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October 14TH



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October 28th



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